Things You Need to Know before Starting your Antique Collection

antiquearmsAntiques are things that are generally a hundred years of age and most commonly collected by its enthusiasts. Others see antique collecting as a hobby or a past time while others treat it more seriously and turn their hobbies into business. Antique hunters spend most of their time on the road as they search for stores, yard sales or auctions just to find what they’re looking for. It may be hard and quite intimidating especially if you don’t know where you’ll start.

Whatever is your cup of tea, you’re in the right place as we’ll give you the basic tips on how to start collecting antiques for hobby or for a business.

First, determine which kind of antiques do you want to collect or to have business with.

Is it antique musical instruments? Or furniture? Shoes or cars? A good collector or antique dealer specializes which item he or she wants to get. It will also narrow down your search as you’ll be more inclined to find a specific place that sells the item you have chosen. Also, it will be much easier for you as you’ll meet like- minded people or better yet, those who are collecting the same thing. Yes, it might be a bit of a competition but you’ll always find good eggs along the way. Which will turn us to our second tip;

Be friendly

Most of the information you’ll get on where to find your antique item will come from your fellow collectors or business owners. It’s important that you leave a very good impression and don’t come across as someone who will steal their item. Be friendly and they might even give way for you to get that 250- year- old jewelry box in that shelves.

Get help from printed guides

Find a book that is related to what your collecting or looking for. Also, these books can help and teach you on how to look for signs and markers to make sure that the item you’re going to buy is authentique (did you get it? Okay, I’m sorry that’s my last). It will save you a lot of time, money and heartbreak if you’ll know how to tell if it’s true or not.

Make sure that your chosen collectible is not common

Research first if the manufacturer had stopped making those items that you’re collecting. Of course, rarity will surely increase the value of your collection and the manufacturer is your number one enemy.

Get the best

Always make sure that the item you’re paying for, despite of its antiquity, is still in top condition. If the seller has presented you two identical item only one of it is missing a lid, always take the other. Incomplete or broken item will and always depreciate its value and we don’t want that with our collection, do we?

Store it the proper way

Know the correct way of taking care of your item. Is your storage area can be hit by direct sunlight? Will it affect the quality of your items? Do you have shelves where it can be protected from dust? Doing a bit of research on how to properly handle your antique items will surely help you in preserving it for next decades.