Best Places to Visit for Antiquing

Antiques not only can give us a sense of wonder on how it survived all through these years but also the curiosity as it became part of our history at some point or another. Another adventure that collecting antiques offers us is the joy of searching through different shops and meeting different people as you search for your coveted piece.

Now, you might have searched through your whole town and still, you fail to see your antique piece and you’re starting to get discouraged that your collection will not grow bigger as you have imagined it the first time you bought your first piece for collection. If you’re starting to lose hope, read on. We bring you the best cities all over the country where to best shop for antiques.

Wiscasset, Maine

wiscassetmaineSituated near Sheepscot River, Wiscasset village will give you a picturesque village where you can find several antique shops that are worth- visiting. You can get art antique pieces from Wiscasset Bay Gallery and Michale Dunn Antiques. If you’re looking for fine china and porcelain antiques, better head to Patricia Stauble Antiques for assorted antique items, Water Street Antiques is your best bet.


Millerton, New York

millertonnewyorkMillerton is located near the border of New York and Connecticut. This two- hour- away- north- of- New- York- City little town has an antique town market called Millerton Antiques Center where 35 antique dealers convene every day for the whole week to give a whole lot selection of antique arts, rugs, pottery and other specialty stores. There are also other shops in town that you can visit such as B.W.’s Eagle Eye and Hunter Bee.

Galena, Illinois

galenaillinoisThis quaint little village offers a lot of vintage toys, novelty and cameras through All That’s Vintage antique store while jewelries and precious stones can be found at Rustic River Finds and Gustafon & Grey. Also, Peace of the Past prides itself with vintage books while Tin- Pan Alley Antique Mall offers vintage clothes and fashion.

Walnut, Iowa

walnutiowaThis town in Iowa is known as the Antique City of Iowa due to its handful of antique stores in its malls, streets and markets. Once a year, Walnut town holds antique fair where 300 dealers from different states come together every June. They also take ride on their unique antique shop called The Barn Mall which is actually 2- story barn that houses 34 antique dealers an vast display of vintage chairs.



Clinton, Tennessee

clintontennesseeClinton offers a whole lot of antiquing experience as their antique market offers almost everything from European and American home furniture, decors which can be found at Burrville Antiques. You can antique collectibles in a 1900s building of The Antique Market. Other than these two, you can visit the other 12 antique shops that has a lot of different items and collectibles.

Try your luck in one of these shops and you might find your treasure in one of them. If not, never lose hope as there are still a lot of shops that you can check and visit to expand your antique collection.