3 Things to Know Before Moving Your Antique Piano

antique-pianoCertainly, a piano is could be a great antique and shouldn’t be taken into account the same as any old furniture within the house. Moving grand, and heavy upsize pianos can be extremely hectic and arduous particularly if you attempt to handle them personally with no expert assistance. To begin with, you ought to select a piano that is best for you. Moving an antique piano can be disaster for injuries and damage your houses.

While hiring the help of piano movers, it is extremely critical to check whether they are wholly licensed and insured companies. A company like Rick’s will look after all that. The company is going to help in managing the transition and offer necessary support as and when required. Some management companies have units which are available for a brief term lease. Most companies are extremely helpful in regards to supplying relocation assistance to new employees. Consequently, if you intend to move or relocate locally then you ought to get in touch with the very best local company inside your region. If so, then you ought to contact local moving company who’s providing the moving services inside your region.

In all seriousness, if you’re going to move your antique piano, always ask for a good estimate and make sure they are insured. I even recommend that you have them come take a look, the movers that is and also have a professional piano dealer come give you a price on that antique piano. Again just because a piano is old doesn’t mean it has much value. It takes a piano dealer who knows the make of pianos and construction to really be able to give you a detailed price. In all honestly, if it really is a great antique piano, using a regular moving company is not recommended. Most piano dealers have specifically trained piano movers who knows how to move a piano. It’s not just about brute force. Aside from the cost of piano, they will ask some other basic questions as well.

1. How far of a distance does the piano have to travel?
2. Are there any stairs involved at either location?
3. Are you looking to store your piano for any length of time?
4. How quickly do you need to move a piano?
5. How big is the actual piano, upright, baby grand, concert grant piano?

Again, these are all things that will be factored into the cost of a piano.

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